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About Us

The inspiration for NuBo is tied to a couple of special places. One is the magical region of Bohemia, in today’s Czech Republic, where a beer culture and tradition goes back a thousand years and even played a role in ending the dark ages. Today’s Czechs take their beer very seriously, all the way from tank to table. Our house yeast comes from Ceske Budejovice, in the heart of Bohemia, giving our lagers the crisp yet rich flavors found in the Pilsners that still set a global standard. The other is this place we call home—Santa Cruz, CA. History has cycles, and we aspire to emerge from 2020 as from a dark age, with the natural beauty, the forward-thinking mindset, and the gratitude that permeates Santa Cruz helping to heal the world. Good beer leads to good cheer, which leads to… an enlightened new age? We can only hope. But in the meantime, stay safe, and drink good beer.

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Czech Proverb

You can taste quality beer in just one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.

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New Bohemia

The Kingdom of New Bohemia is shrouded in mystery . Legends say it was founded by a band of mystics, alchemists and artists who sought a more enlightened age. They settled a realm where mountains, forest and sea converged, celebrating life's bounty by brewing lagers rumored to have magical properties. We may not be historians, but we know we’ve discovered a ‘new bohemia’ in Santa Cruz-a place that inspires us to fill glasses with fresh beers that embody the local spirit, combining respect for age old tradition with the sort of curiosity that challenges convention.

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At NuBo

We began with a focus on brewing craft lagers and other traditional European styles from Bohemia and Bavaria in Central Europe. When brewed right, these freshly crafted lagers have been traditionally under-appreciated in our modern world and by today’s craft beer community. With extensive brewing experience in Europe and the US, we aim to seamlessly blend traditional and modern approaches, bringing Old World brewing into the New Age. The resulting beers are inspired by centuries of beer culture, but singular to this unique time and special place, and remarkably delicious.

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Welcoming Atmosphere

Being from Santa Cruz, we like to push boundaries and explore the limits of what’s possible when it comes to life’s enjoyments. You’ll always find a mix of traditional and non-traditional beer, combined with a killer BBQ food menu, and a welcoming atmosphere in our stunning, LEED Gold brewery and taproom. It’s the favored community gathering spot in the Pleasure Point neighborhood on the eastside of Santa Cruz, with a beer garden just a few blocks from the beach.